Our anodes are used in processes such as potable water treatment, treatment of process water and wastewater, but also for recovery and separation of valuable or environmentally hazardous materials. For instance:

  • Electrochemical recovery of metals (Ni, Cd, Cu, Zn, Sn, Ag, Au, etc.)
  • Direct or indirect oxidation and break-down of organic contamination or cyanide
  • Removal of small solid particles by means of electroflocculation
  • Electrodialysis, desalination of process water and recovery of several materials
  • Softening of water, de-scaling
  • Membrane processes

The different anodes, used in these processes and systems, are very often designed and developed together with our customers or with specialised research institutes. Our engineers are more than happy to assist you with their knowledge and experience in your search for the ideal anode for your specific application.



Water Treatment

The stringent environmental regulations, the global trend of water scarcity and the increasing demand for cleaner and safer water  are forcing the industry to rethink the water, both in terms of treatment and management. Chemical saving, increased performance, water recycle and reuse are mandatory tasks for a cost effective solution. Today we are committed to sustain this  new age actively, contributing our DSA Titanium anode technology along with other electrochemical solutions and advanced  oxidants to perform green, effective and sustainable process.


Municipality and community water treatment: drinkable and waste water;

Cooling water treatment: power station, petrochemical & refining plants;

Disinfection: swimming pools and water parks;

Marine sewage treatment;

Antifouling: shipboard, vessel.


Compared to the use of the chlorine and commercial hypo;

Safety: nochemical aggressiveness of raw materials;

Economy: low cost of raw materials;

Convenience: easy to install.