Ruthenium coated Titanium Anodes :

Base Material: Ti(Gr1, Gr2, TA1, TA2)

Shape: rod, strip, disc, plate, mesh, wire, tube or combinations and or assemblies (customized)

Working Current: < 3000 A/㎡

Hydrochloric acid content: <20%

Coating Material: RuO2+IrO2+Pt+X

Noble Metal Content: 8–25 g/㎡

Content of florin ions: < 50 mg/L

Temperature: <60 ℃

PH Value: 1-12

Ruthenium coated Titanium Anodes: Mixed Ruthenium-Iridium Oxide

Coating Oxygen revolution potential Suitable working environment
Mixed Ruthenium and Iridium <1.13V Solution contains Cl-, PH>=7

  Coating Contents and Life Span:

8grams/m2 10grams/m2 12grams/m2 15grams/m2 20grams/m2
6,000 hours 8,000 hours 10,000 hours 12,000 hours 13,500 hours

 Working Parameters for Ru-Ir Coating:

Current density Temperature Chlorine concentration Polarity reversal Reversal frequency
<500A/m2 40-60°C About 30grams/liter suitable 2-4 hours


1     For swimming pool disinfection

2     Treatment of hospital wastewater

3     Table-ware disinfection

4     Depolarization of dyeing wastewater treatment

5     Industrial cooling water circulation treatment

6     Electroplating waste water which containing cyanide

7   Production of hypo chlorite
8   Seawater Electrolysis (anti-fouling)


1     The requirements from installation of electrolytic cell

2     Processing condition, such as electrolyte composition, temperature, current density and life span

3     Mechanical load of titanium anode

4     Electric conductivity ability of substrate material

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