Titanium Water Heater Anode:

Threading: G 3/4″, 3/4″ or customize;

Rod diameter: 2mm, 3mm or customize;

Rod length: 340mm or customize;

Coating area: customize;

Size: 20-100 Gallon Tank.

Titanium Water Heater Anode

Electrical water heater may leak water and electricity after using for a while, this is mostly for the reason that the magnesium rodis consumed but not replaced in time, the water heater tank become corrosion and perforation. In general, electric water heaters magnesium rod must be replaced every two years or less. Because of the water quality differences, some water heater may run out of use less than one year. Short life span, frequent replacement makes the cost increase. The principle reason of water heater tank corrosion is Cl- corrosion in water. The water quality all over China is different and it is difficult to find an efficient protection method.

The Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) titanium electrode as auxiliary anode, water heater works as cathode, they forms a protection system in the water of water heater which also service as conducting medium. When electricity pass through electrode, the Cl- in water moves towards anode and concentrate there, the Cl- in the cathode side will become dilution. The water heater tank as cathode in reductive environment, this can shorten the corrosion speed of tank and expand its life span.

Compare with traditional magnesium anode rod, this MMO water heater anode is of these advantages:

Longer operating life: 5-20 years, while magnesium anode is about 2 years;

Light weight than magnesium anode;

Solving the rotten-egg odor, while sacrificial anode can not;

Easy to maintain than  magnesium anode.

The powered anode for water heater is made of titanium substrate and coated with mixed metal oxid. It is a long-term solution to preventing sulfide smells (that rotten egg smell) produced by well water. This non-consumable powered titanium anode rod provide a controlled release of electrons that negatively charge the water heater or water tank and its components, preventing corrosion (rusting) from occurring.


  • Extends life of water heater tank 20-year
  • Permanently eliminates rotten egg smell in water
  • Replaces water heater (20-100 gal) tank’s existing hex head anode rod only
  • Powered anode tod protects the tank interior from top to bottom
  • Water softener use does not affect the longevity or protection

 Impressed Current Systems

Impressed current systems feed a continuous protective electric current for warm water tanks

High-Tech for modern water storage heaters

The system consists of two central components; the potentiostat and the itanium anode with mixed oxide coating.

They are connected by cable and powered via mains cable. Fitting is exceptionally easy, by the same method as the

magnesium anodes.

Types and Applications

The titanium anodes have a mixed oxide coating. They are between 50 and 1200 mm long and can be fitted in pairs

for increased effectiveness. Large storage tanks are protected by several systems. For retrofitting, It’s supplied with

comprehensive fitting equipment. it protects tanks with volumes of between 50 and 5000 litres safely and conveniently.

Product description:

Threading: G 3/4″, 3/4″ or customize;

Rod diameter: 2mm, 3mm or customize;

Rod length: 340mm or customize;

Coating area: customize;

Size: 20-100 Gallon Tank.

Operating principle:

A powered anode relies on electricity being fed into the anode to impose a flow of current rather than relying on natural electrolysis. If the powered anode is made from the right material and it remains powered, the anode protects the other metal (steel water heater tank) for many years. It even lasts longer than a standard anode rod. The powered anode does not react with the water at all, but prevents any smelly water. Also, in some water conditions the standard magnesium anode rod reacts with the water. This can create an unpleasant rotten-eggs smell/taste to the water. A powered rod will prevent this reaction.

Installation notes:

To adapt this powered anode, a 3/4″ brass tee and a 3/4″ plastic-lined nipple of sufficient length to extend past the thickness of insulation will be required.

  • Most gas heaters will require a 3″ or 6″ long nipple.
  • May require a longer nipple and brass coupler to clear the insulation and complete the install.
  • plumbers tape, metal antioxidant, and a screwdriver or box cutter to clear away insulation are required.

MMO/Ti Anode Technical parameter

  1. Dimension and screw head of MMO/TI Anode,see details on the above drawing:
A 200mm 400mm
B 200mm 400mm
C 2mm 3mm
Screw head NPT3/4” G3/4 R3/4

Customized size is available

  1. Materials of MMO/Ti Anode:ASTM B348 Gr 1
  2. MMO coating: IrO2/Ta2O5 mixture
  3. Expected life of Anode: In the environment of drink water,the temperature is less tan 100 ℃,the operation            current density 50A/m2,the life time is more than 10 years.

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