platinized anode Introduction:

It is subject to rapid deterioration if the breakdown voltage is exceeded or if the environmental conditions surrounding the anode become acidic. Other deleterious factors include the presence of low-frequency AC ripple, current reversal, biofouling, scales, and the presence of certain organic materials.

It is most suitable in fresh-or salt-water applications rather than in underground applications

platinized anodes Description

Specification and Feature of Platinized Anode
Substrate Titanium ,Niobium ,Tantalum,Zirconium
Specification Anode Shape: plate, tube, mesh, rod

Base Metal: Gr1, Gr2, TA1, TA2

Coating Material: 99.95% pure platinum

Coating Thickness: 0.76-15 microns

Working Current: <5000A/sq m Noble Metal Content: >15g/sq m

Content of Florin Ions: <50mg/L Temperature: <80 degree celsius

Features: High corrosion resistance
High current efficiency
High durability
Base Metal can be cycle used

High current density, high productivity

Light weight

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