Anode For Water Circulation

Base Material: Titanium (Gr1, Gr2)

Shape: rod, strip, disc, plate, mesh, wire, tube or combinations and or assemblies of these materials. (customized)

Anode For Water Circulation

Circulating water treatment divides into sea water treatment and freshwater treatment:

Sea water treatment method: through sea water electrolysis, sodium hypochlorite and other oxidizing substances are generated. These substances can kill larvae of marine organisms and spores to prevent marine organism’s attachment. When the circulating water pipe works as cathode, it can protect the cathode and has anticorrosive and antifouling function. Sea water electrolysis system for circulating water treatment has been widely used in seaside power plant, marine ballast water and other fields.

Freshwater treatment method:  through electrolysis freshwater, high concentration of hydroxide is generated nearby cathode; these hydroxides are easily to combine with the minerals and precipitate. The water is softened by this process. On the anode, hydroxyl radical, ozone and chlorine are generated and these substances can sterilize. This electrolytic water system has been widely used in the field of inland power plant circulating water system, central air conditioning circulating water, and large industrial circulating water and disinfection industry.

This anode for freshwater provided by our company has high oxygen evolution, generate hydroxyl radical, ozone and other oxidizing substances. This product is of high efficient, long life span, widely used in freshwater circulation water treatment, industrial water soften and disinfection industry.

Anode for water circulation can be applied for air conditioning water circulating system, power plant circulating water etc.

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