Anode For Industrial Water 

Base Material: Titanium (Gr1, Gr2)

Shape: rod, strip, disc, plate, mesh, wire, tube or combinations and or assemblies of these materials. (customized)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Titanium Anode for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Using titanium anode to treatment ammonia nitrogen wastewater, during the electrolysis process, can generate a lot of atoms,O,H,N,OH,CH2 and ion active group, in catalytic effect ,the ammonium salt can be maximum translated into free ammonia in catalysis; and reduce the pressure from ammonia and other mixed gases in the wastewater, speed up the released desorption process of the free ammonia and transfer rate, make the free ammonia can be separated with wastewater quickly. The efficient composite catalysts also has strong oxidation reduction performance, with chemical method of nitrification to waste water, free ammonia and other nitrogenous substance in the waste water, by the nitrification then denitrification be translated into nitrogen gas.

The operating principle of electrolytic water treatment is transforming the electrical energy to chemical energy by electrolytic process. The oxidation reduction reaction happens nearby electrode in electrolytic cell so that the waste water is purified.

This water treatment method includes direct oxidation reduction reaction on electrode and indirect oxidation reaction reduction between the chemical product generated nearby electrode and the product in water, electric flotation (by tiny bubbles generated in the electrolysis process floating) and so on.

In the anode region, the organic in waste water which is hardly to degrade and reductive inorganic occur oxidation reaction when anode is impressed by current may oxidize to harmless substances.

In the cathode region, the toxic metal ions are reduced to metal directly or may change the toxic high valence metal ion into low toxic metal ion by reductions of cathode.
We provide Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) titanium anode through above operating principle for customer to meet their requirements.

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