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Some questions you may concerned.

A: Our titanium anode is all customized, so there are no models, according to your exact drawing, nearly any shape and size we could produce.

A: Yes, we can .But different clients have different equipment/generator, and need different anode size, so your anode drawing is required.

A: Your industry please. According to your application environment, we will give you professional advice.

A: Titanium anode could be used for many industries, different industries have different suitable current and voltage take the following into consideration:
The suitable environment for our titanium anode:
Current density: bellow 2000A/M2
Temperature: 40-60℃
There mustn’t be any fluorine and cyanide ions in the electrolyte

A: The titanium anode lifetime for different industry aren’t the same, half year to 50 years, according to your exact industry and environment, we will give you the guaranteed lifetime.