Why us?

Titanium anode Manufacturer

Baoji Saga Anodes Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and sales of titanium DSA titanium anodes & electrodes and cathodes materials  for the electrochemical industry, which have been successfully used in many fields, such as production of chlor-alkali, chlorate and perchlorate, water treatment, electroextraction of non-ferrous metals, electro-deposition, electroplating, electrophoresis, electro-dialysis, electro-synthesis, ionized-water synthesizer, cathodic protection, formation of aluminum and copper foils and after-treatment.

We can provide complete electrochemical solutions to serve diversified markets.

Professional Team

50+ skilled workers.

Certified Experience

ISO Certified

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Factory price. Save you cost,

10+ Years Experience

More than 10 years in anode industry

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